IT care

IT Equipment Cleaning in Central London

As part and parcel of an ongoing office cleaning contract we would undertake the care and cleaning of IT equipment which includes: telephones, PC work stations (keyboards mice and screens), scanners / printers, photocopiers, fax machines and AV equipment.

Utilising anti-static / anti-bacterial cleaning products as well as specialised cleaning techniques such as compressed air-blowing of keyboards to remove embedded food fragments and dust, we ensure that these most intimate and heavily used items of office equipment remain clean, sanitised and germ free.

Data and communications rooms

Your data center or computer room may be just a large cupboard or it may be a small data fortress. Whatever the case, it deserves to be maintained at the highest level to preserve both the condition of the equipment and the health of your personnel.

Data room

Our services are designed to keep your data facility running at tip top performance and include: thorough dusting and cleaning of the exterior of the equipment, cleaning the floor on which the hardware stands as well as under the floor where the plenum is installed.

Our fully trained operatives will remove dirt, dust and microbial contamination from your equipment, ensuring that the surface of the floor is maintained in a sufficiently clean condition to enable it to do its job of dissipating static electricity to the ground.

Our comprehensive service includes cleaning under your floor to remove dirt and dust particles which may be clogging up the plenum in order to ensure that it, too, is able to fulfill its role of delivering cool, filtered air to the sensitive equipment above.