office cleaning

We provide Office Cleaning services on a 5-day per week basis or any other frequency specified by a client.

Cleaning lady with floor machine

We may work directly for companies in their own space or for agents and investment companies cleaning the common areas of buildings: entrance, stairs, landings, WCs.

The term ‘office’ includes a variety of other commercial premises such as shops, art galleries, design studios, recording studios and fashion showrooms. We also clean in surgeries, churches, schools and many other types of public building.

We understand and appreciate how important it is for any
enterprise to be spotless and gleaming both for the sake of the company’s image but also for the continuing health, well-being and general morale of its staff.

Germ laden desks:

Among the challenges we face is the fact that many work stations contain up to 400 times more bacteria than a toilet bowl – lurking in telephones, PC keyboards and on desk tops – thus we work hard to ensure that these areas are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised regularly.