floor maintenance

Hard Floor Maintenance in Central London

Hard floors vary greatly in construction, they may be made of: linoleum, vinyl, quarry or ceramic tiles, natural marble, finished wood, terrazzo or some other specialist variety.

Similarly, the maintenance procedures and products required to maintain floors in optimum condition vary greatly, however, in general floors need to be kept clean and well maintained in order to:

  • Remove stains, dirt, litter and obstructions
  • Remove grit and sand which abrade and cause excessive wear to the floor;
  • Remove allergens and dust;
  • Make the environment sanitary;
  • Improve the aesthetic appeal of the floor;
  • Maintain optimum traction to prevent injuries due to tripping or slipping.

Best practice in the method of floor cleaning will also prevent accidents.

Applying the recommended floor sealant or polish will protect the floor, improve its appearance and in general help to enhance many of the above qualities.