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office cleaning

We take on contracts to clean offices and common parts of buildings, studios, showrooms, surgeries, hospitals, churches, shops, schools and public buildings. Click on link to see a video of Charlotte Brunton of Chelveston Ltd:


school cleaning

Specialising in the daily cleaning of schools, we are well known in many London Boroughs and are often recommended to schools who are looking to outsource their cleaning.  Click on link to see a video of Cal Shaw, Head Teacher of Stroud Green Primary School:


after builders

Before that all-important handover to a client our manpower and expertise helps builders and developers clean up after extensive building works. Also  we support end-user companies in restoring their own space to a fully functional, clean and healthy condition after internal modifications.


public kitchens

Stringent obligations are placed on those who manage kitchen and food preparation areas for the general public, to ensure that their facilities and all appliances are spotlessly and hygienically maintained. Trust us to help you conform to the Food Safety Act and the Food Hygiene Regulations.


Our values

  • Staff

    Our policy is to hire experienced, competent, English speaking operatives, pay them above average salaries and manage them in a way which enhances teamwork and brings out the best of their abilities. We always check the qualifications and background of any new employee. Setting out to be the best at what you do starts, we...

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  • The Environment

    We at Hillcrest believe that each one of us has a duty to protect future generations from damage to the environment caused by the waste of precious resources and the utilisation of harmful chemicals in unprotected, sensitive locations. Thus the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products is of paramount importance to us. The products we...

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  • Health & Safety

    We are committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of our employees while they are at work and of any others who may be affected by our undertakings. We take every reasonable measure to ensure safe working practices within the company and to comply with all relevant legislation. To ensure the principles of health...

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About us

Hillcrest is a long established family-run commercial cleaning company working across North London, East London, City and West End. We offer a full range of commercial cleaning services to offices, schools and many other establishments and organisations where people congregate daily.

We are passionate about what we do and we are always looking at ways to improve our service. We mainly provide cleaning services such as office cleaning, floor maintenance, commercial carpet shampooing and window cleaning to small to medium-sized business but we also have a number of blue-chip and multinational clients.

We are also highly experienced at working with schools in terms of addressing their unique cleaning needs, but are also able to deal with the often complex TUPE negotiations which arise if there are qualifying incumbent staff who wish to transfer over to our company.

At Hillcrest we tailor our cleaning services to suit the needs of your business.

Did you know that..

office work stations can harbour up to 400 x more bacteria than you will find in a toilet bowl - lurking in keyboards, phones and on desks? Our work is crucial to ensure that these areas are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised regularly..

"Hillcrest has been amazing for us"

"I've worked with Hillcrest for about four years now and I'm delighted I brought them with me to Stroud Green". Cal Shaw, Head Teacher, Stroud Green Primary School, London.

See Cal's video testimonial here:

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