Commercial Kitchen Cleaning in Central London

We are frequently commissioned to carry out deep cleaning in the busy kitchens of schools, restaurants, places of worship and other public buildings where stringent regulations with regard to cleanliness and hygiene apply.

The benefits of regular kitchen deep cleaning are well established and include:

  • Reducing the risk of food poisoning¬†by removing food debris that can harbour harmful bacteria;
  • Reducing the risk of pest infestation by regular removal of food debris from inaccessible areas;
  • Helping cooking temperature control and reducing the risk of food tainting through de-greasing and removal of carbon from hot equipment;
  • Prolonging working life of equipment;
  • Reducing fire risk, improving air quality for employees and helping room temperature control through clean and free-flowing ventilation extract systems;
  • Improving staff morale and encouraging staff to maintain good hygiene standards.

Our kitchen deep-clean procedure follows a closely defined process enabling us to provide an extremely high standard of clean in every area of your kitchen and ensure that you remain compliant with the strict codes laid down in the Food Safety Act and the Food Hygiene Regulations 2006.