Our policy is to hire experienced, competent, English speaking operatives, pay them above average salaries and manage them in a way which enhances teamwork and brings out the best of their abilities. We always check the qualifications and background of any new employee.

Setting out to be the best at what you do starts, we believe, with hiring the best in the business and then adopting a comprehensive employee-based approach to management, which for us includes:

  • Providing regular and comprehensive staff training in relation to specific duties as well as health and safety issues and environmental awareness;
  • Paying better than market average salaries – at least the London living wage;
  • Ensuring that all our operatives speak English;
  • Organising our cleaning operatives into working teams to foster team spirit and to provide automatic cover in case of sickness and holidays.

Rigorous recruitment policy:

DBS checks, ID checks, tax status, references, qualifications. Our candidate’s work history, background and legal status are thoroughly checked before we recruit any new employee.