The Environment

We at Hillcrest believe that each one of us has a duty to protect future generations from damage to the environment caused by the waste of precious resources and the utilisation of harmful chemicals in unprotected, sensitive locations. Thus the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products is of paramount importance to us.

The products we use are sourced from like-minded suppliers who share our commitment to safeguarding the environment and wherever necessary we will always undertake a COSSH (control of substances hazardous to health) assessment, for example if we plan to use a new cleaning product which carries a warning label or to use a known product in a new application.

In this way our clients are also protected and can rest assured that we will comply with all relevant legal and environmental regulations, minimise the consumption of resources and production of waste whilst ensuring that recycling is carried out wherever possible whilst we are working on your premises and within your auspices.

Environmental Statement

By using sustainable and environmentally friendly cleaning products, minimising the waste of resources and recycling wherever possible, we help to protect the precious world around us and ensure that we and our clients comply with all relevant environmental regulations.

It is the policy of Hillcrest Cleaning Contractors Limited to aim towards protecting and enhancing the environment. The company recognises its responsibility to utilise products that meet recognised environmental criteria and to use them in a way that recognises an environmental social commitment. We will conduct our activities and operations to reflect good environmental practice.

Hillcrest Cleaning Contractors Limited shall ensure this by fulfilling objectives which are consistent with the above objectives, namely:

  • We will seek to minimise the use of non-renewable raw materials;
  • We will control emissions to air, land and water wherever possible;
  • We will be a responsible employer and good neighbour;
  • We will seek to minimise the use of hazardous waste producing materials, general waste generated, and to prevent pollution;
  • We will manage our operations and processes in a way which respects and protects the environment, while preventing pollution;
  • Our operations will conform to current legislation and competent internal or external personnel will regularly monitor compliance;
  • We will make environmental objectives available and provide the information in written form on request to all relevant interested parties;

The company is committed to the continual improvement of its environmental performance. This policy statement will be reviewed at least annually or more frequently if required.

Our full "Environmental Policy" is available on request